pocket pack


Introducing the all new 'Pocket Pack'. It is jam-packed with all your seasonal fruit & veg favorites, and perfect for stocking up your pantry or cooking up a feast!

Pack includes: 

1 Pineapple | 1 Cucumber | 3 Carrots | 1 Sweet Potato | 4 Oranges | 4 Tomatoes | 1 Ginger | 6 Brushed Potatoes | 1/2 Pumpkin | 1 Avocado | 150g Mesclun Mix | 3 Pink Lady Apples | 1 Green Capsicum | 3 Brown Onions | 2 Red Onions | 2 Lemons

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Picky pocket pack


Introducing the new 'Picky Pocket Pack'. This smaller version of the 'Pocket Pack' contains a variety of fresh produce that is perfect for topping up the pantry or whipping up a delicious mid-week meal.

Pack includes: 

1/4 Pumpkin | 1 Sweet Potato | 1 Red Onion | 1 Green Capsicum | 2 Oranges | 2 Brown Onions | 1 Ginger | 2 Red Apples | 1 Avocado | 2 Tomatoes | 2 Brushed Potatoes | 1 Garlic | 2 Carrots | 1 Lemon | 1 Zucchini

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Premium pocket pack


Introducing the new 'Premium Pocket Pack'. This pack contains 100% premium locally made/sourced favourites. Whether you're looking for a thoughtful gift or a weekend treat, this pack will certainly ticks all of the boxes.

Pack includes: 

The Pocket Coffee Beans (500g bag) | The Mad Baker Country Loaf (Sourdough) | The Fermented Kitchen Sauerkraut (Kale, Ginger & Garlic) | Kokomo Gourmet Pasta (150g Kalamata Olive Parpardelle) | Jar of Honey (500g) | 2x Raw Gems (Lemon Tingle & Nutella Crumble | Charley's Chocolate (Milk Chocolate)

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Important Disclaimer: all items contained in these packs are subjected to market price fluctuations and availability from our suppliers. Accordingly, we may substitute and/or change quantities of certain items if required, in order to maintain the packs advertised value. We will let you know upon purchase if this does occur, and are more than happy to discuss alternative options. Please don't hesitate to contact us if you would like to purchase individual products or an alternative pack. 


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